About us

Network of stomatologic clinics in Republic Bashkortostan.

Gives a full complex of the highly skilled stomatologic help. As a part of the International Medical Concern "Vitadent" leading clinics of Ufa and other cities of Republic Bashkortostan consist.

Headquarters plant IMC "Vitadent" is scientific research institute of change of teeth of "Vitadent". The scientific research institute of change of teeth of "Vitadent" is the only thing in world stomatologic practice by the medical center in which along with research works transplantation (change of teeth) is fulfilled and introduced in practice of Dentalnaja.

Experts ММК of "Vitadent" since 1995 introduce the newest technology микро prosthetics with use "Ribbond" - a tape, allowing to spend and achieve fine results without grinding of teeth under crowns. Offices of clinics are equipped by the newest American equipment of firm "SDS".

Treatment is spent under reliable anesthesia with application of the newest карпульной technicians, injections powerful анестетиками firms "Septodont" and so forth Plombirovochnye materials 5 - го generations of firms "ЗМ", "Kerr", "Heraus Kulzer" and so forth allow to spend very strong and esthetic restorations of teeth, including "facings" and "escalating". Use of high technologies on ultrasonic processing of channels, preparations of firms "Septodont", gutta-percha pins allows to spend reliable treatment of the teeth amazed with complicated caries with the most almost impassable channels. We widely use laser therapy that accelerates treatment of teeth and gums.