International medical concern "Vitadent" provides financial independence of the dental clinics that has joined the group, and parity when taking joint decision.

Main advantages for  entering "Vitadent" group are:
•    legal support and protection during control and supervision by public authorities;
•    qualified support of interests in relations with the public authorities;
•    to challenge on behalf of the international medical group decisions and actions of administrative bodies that violate the rights and legitimate interests of the clinic;
•    consideration of compliance with pre-trial claim procedure of disputes with patients;
•    independent dental examination;
•    legal support to the group of the international medical concern of participants in the courts;
•    property protection and voluntary insurance of professional responsibility to patients;
•    ability to use registered trademark and "collective brand";
•     possibility of consolidation of funds as a financial source for the development of a dental clinic.

Brand name "Vitadent" provides its users the right to use it legally in their business.

This right is valuable on the basis of the concluded contract.

In this case, the International Medical Concern "Vitadent" obliged:
•    To provide all necessary information, as well as give instruction on all issues related to the rights;
•    carry out joint promotional activities with the use of the trademark;
•    To provide technical and advisory assistance, including counseling patients in difficult diagnostic cases;
•    improve the skills of specialists to conduct workshops for dental professionals in various fields, adaption to the new technologies;
•    to conduct radiological surveys on digital devices (RVG, OCG);
•    assist in the organization of work for the LCA system with insurance companies;
•    implement assistance in purchasing dental equipment, materials and tools;
•    provide legal assistance and legal support, including protection of the interests in court, as well as representation in public authorities;
•    to provide financial assistance and support for the development of their own business.

In turn, from the dental clinic, which is part of the group is required:
•    conscientiously carry out their statutory activities;
•    to ensure that the quality of work, quality of provided services are equally performed in all of the clinics of the medical concern "Vitadent";
•    the trade name (commercial designation) has to be used the way it is presented in the international medical group 'Vitadent ";
•    provide patients with top services to which they are used to in other dental clinics of the international medical concern "Vitadent";
•    Confidential information has to be strictly secured

To get more information on issues related to franchising, using the brand name and registered trademark "Vitadent”, you can apply directly to the International Medical Concern "Vitadent" at:

450076, Ufa, ul.Posadskaya, 26 tel / fax (347) 292-71-49