Human Resources Department

Today, dentistry is one of the most dynamic and promising areas in the healthcare industry. To be successful in the dental business it is not enough emphasis on the use of modern materials and new technologies - equal attention should be paid to such key success factors such as a highly customer-oriented staff. 

The personnel policy of the International Medical Group "Vitadent" aimed to attrac qualified employees, as well as constant maintenance of their professional level. The company has its own training center, where 4 times a year the courses for the professional development take place, developed training system that includes various trainings, workshops and thematic seminars. All the employees are attending the Russian scientific-practical conference, that is being held annually. 

Since its foundation the medical concern selects specialists from all other Russia . Each year on the basis of the concern "Vitadent" selectes multiple jobs for graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry for the training process. Practice shows that out of 10 young professionals, one or two, are being provided a workplace.

We are glad to see the following specialists:
•    Dentists,
•    Dentists pediatricians,
•    Dentist therapists,
•    Dentist surgeons,
•    Nurses.

•    Requirements:

•    Specialist certificate
•    health reference 
•    Work experience is preferable. 


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